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“At a time in church history when so many are laboring toward, praying for, and seeking after a revival, Faith Feedings may hold the key. Revival, if it is to truly come to God’s people, will come, not within the walls of a church, but rather from under the rooftops of our homes. It will find its spark within the family dynamic, and it will be stoked as mothers (and fathers) pour the wisdom of divine truth into their children.”

“DeeDee Cass knows this; it is the heartbeat of her latest book. Faith Feedings takes square aim at capturing the hearts and minds of the church’s youth by presenting mothers with a clearly articulated and inspiring call to nurture their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Taken directly from illustrative accounts in the biblical narrative, this invaluable resource walks readers through the crucial principles upon which godly parenting must be based. It equips them to navigate the challenges that are bound to come.

“Written with the experience and insight of a mother, a grandmother, and someone who has devoted her life to ministry, Faith Feedings should be required reading for all mothers and mothers-to-be. It is essential, really, for anyone who hopes to mentor a son, a daughter, a grandchild, a niece, a nephew, or any other young person in her sphere of influence. This book will be a blessing to any family.”

Michael G. Scales, EdD, president, Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary

“As a pastor of children and youth, I am constantly looking for ways to encourage parents to be the leaders in the spiritual growth of their children. Parents not only should be invested in their children’s spiritual walk, but need to be involved. Sadly, many mothers and fathers don’t know how to do this.”

“As I read Faith Feedings, I was quickly convinced that it was of God. DeeDee Cass, one of the most Spirit-led women I know, has masterfully taken examples and truths from Scripture and organized them into an easily understood guide that is a must-read for any parent who desires to see their children grow in the Lord. Every mother—and father—in my church needs a copy.”

Kevin Giannotti, pastor of children and youth ministries, Bethlehem Church, Thornton PA

2 thoughts on “Endorsements

  1. DeeDee Cass is a spiritual leader and mentor who has influenced our church family for a lifetime as we raised our families together. We are eternally grateful for her LOVE, PERSEVERANCE, WISDOM and HEART for the Word of God. I cannot wait to get this new book, FAITH FEEDINGS, to pass along to my children – and to inspire our precious grandchildren!


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